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William J Wulftange

BSc in Chemistry, MSc in Organic Chemistry

Medical Scientist Training Program (MD-PhD)

MSc in organic chemistry, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

During his undergraduate studies, Will worked under Benjamin T. King, PhD synthesizing some of the first artificial two-dimensional polymers. During his Master’s studies in Germany, he worked on synthesizing chiral molecular wires used for quantum computing under Rik R. Tykwinski, PhD.

He then worked with Nicole Y. Morgan, PhD and Michael M. Gottesman, MD at the National Institutes of Health on novel in vitro platforms for cancer culture.Will is co-mentored by Paul J Tesar, PhD and Umut Gurkan, PhD and is in the Biomedical Engineering PhD program as part of his MD-PhD training. He works on designing novel microfluidic devices to investigate the interactions between adoptive T cell therapies and the blood-brain barrier.

In his free time, Will enjoys walking his shiba inu around Little Italy and listening to the quiet hum of his 3D printers as they churn out DIY night vision goggles and microscope replacement components.

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