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Elizabeth Shick

Lab manager.

BS in Biology and Chemistry, Cleveland State University.

Elizabeth graduated from Cleveland State University with a BS in biology and chemistry. Upon graduation, she moved to Massachusetts and did a stint at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute where she discovered a passion for molecular biology. From there she went on to study the oncogenic potential of the duplicate sequences in the unique 3′ (U3) region of the long terminal repeat (LTR) in a murine leukemogenic mink cell focus-inducing (MCF) virus in Christie Holland’s Lab at University of Massachusetts Medical Center. She moved to Cleveland and began research at the Cleveland Clinic in such varied studies as the role of HPV in Cervical Cancer (Lab of Mark Stoler, MD), the development of a PLPeGFP transgenic mouse, mapping of a spontaneous occurring Purkinje cell mutation in mice (Lab of Wendy B. Macklin, PhD), the role of Sox6 in fetal hematopoietic development (Lab of Veronique Lefebvre, PhD) and the molecular and physiological effects of chemotactic and acoustic trauma in hearing loss (Lab of Keiko Hirose, MD). She arrived at Case Western Reserve to study Erythropoietin as a possible therapeutic agent in the treatment of pre-term birth brain injury with Dr. Shenandoah Robinson. Currently, Elizabeth is a member of Paul Tesar’s Lab at CWRU using human iPSC cells to investigate the biology of glial cells and glial disease therapeutics. In her free time Elizabeth enjoys cycling, water skiing, sailing, boating and scuba diving.